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Victron Orion XS 12/12-50A (700W) non-iso DC-DC charger

Victron Orion XS 12/12-50A (700W) non-iso DC-DC charger

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Orion XS 12/12-50A

Engineered from the ground up, the Orion XS redefines adaptive DC-DC charging. For use in dual battery systems charged with an (intelligent) alternator. This device not only ensures top-tier performance but also guarantees the safety of your system.

The Orion XS serves as a DC-DC battery charger or as a power supply, offering a wide input and output voltage range. This is especially significant in the case of vehicles with a Euro 5 or Euro 6 smart alternator, which often supplies too low charging voltage even when the engine is running or when extended cable lengths, as is often the case in boats and RVs, lead to voltage drops. In such scenarios, precise and controlled charging is imperative to fully charge the service battery while protecting the starter/input battery from discharge.

Stay in charge with configurable input and output currents, and rest assured that your Orion XS will run at full capacity up to 40°C. The innovative aluminium circuit board cooling technology delivers an astonishing 98% efficiency without the need for fans.


Built-in Bluetooth

The wireless solution to change settings, monitor activities, and update the Orion XS software using Apple and Android smartphones, tablets or other devices. Various parameters can be adjusted with the VictronConnect App.

Instant Readout:

The VictronConnect App can display key data, including warnings and alarms, on the Device list page without the need to connect to the product.

VE.Direct port

For a wired connection to a GX device such as the Cerbo GX or Ekrano GX, PC or other devices. Enables advanced monitoring, control and diagnostics from anywhere (requires a GX device connected to the internet and VRM Portal) or locally via the Remote Console.

Adjustable charging current

The charge current is adjustable with a minimum stepsize of 0.1A. via Victron Connect.

Smart alternator compatibility

An integrated mechanism detects whether the engine is running (engine shutdown detection), which only activates the charger when the alternator supplies power. This ensures that the charger only draws power when the alternator is supplying power, i.e. when the engine is running.

Adaptive 4-stage charge algorithm

For lead acid batteries, it is important that during shallow discharges the absorption time is kept short in order to prevent overcharging of the battery. After a deep discharge, the absorption time is automatically increased to make sure that the battery is completely recharged. The Orion XS includes fully programmable charging algorithms and eight pre-programmed battery settings.

Low-temperature shutdown and input under-voltage protection

To prevent damage to lithium batteries the charger will turn off automatically at low temperatures. It will also shut down when the input voltage drops below a configurable lockout value and restart when the input voltage rises above the restart value, this is to protect the input source ie. the starter battery from deep discharge.

Remote on/off

The Orion XS can be switched on and off remotely via the remote on/off connector or the VictronConnect App. Typical applications include wiring a switch or Battery Management System (BMS).

Comprehensive electronic protection

The protections includes overload, short circuit and excessive temperatures. The charger is protected against over-temperature by reducing the output power when the maximum product temperature is reached.

Can be paralleled to increase the output current

An unlimited number of Orion XS devices can be connected in parallel. Making scaling the output current to match your system’s requirement easy.

IP65 protection

The Orion XS complies with an ingress protection rating of IP65. This means the product is dust-tight and protected against heavy rain.


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