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ATG 400AH & Enerdrive DC2DC Charger

ATG 400AH & Enerdrive DC2DC Charger

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2 x 200AH ATG Lithium Slim Batteries
1 x 40A Enerdrive DC Charger with MPPT input

ATG 200AH Slim Lithium battery

ATG Batteries 200AH Slimline Lithium Batteries are designed here in Perth, Australia. We hold stock in our Perth warehouse and where possible, same day shipping will apply. We also offer a free same day click and collect service. Solid, reliable 12V lithium power does not have to cost the earth! Check out ATG lithium batteries for your next project!
3 year warranty
Slimline profile
200Ah Lithium LiFePO4 Battery
A grade cells
Australian designed
Rubber to assist against vibration and external heat
Dimensions (mm)552 x 110 x 288mm
Weight (kg) 24Kg
Terminal M8
Cycle Life>4500 cycles
Charge Voltage 14.6 +- 0.2V
Continuous Discharge Current 200A
Max Pulse Current 500A (<5s)
Discharge Cut-off Voltage 10V
Cell Type Prismatic
Warranty 3 Years

Enerdrive Dc Charger 

a fully automatic multistage, multi input battery charger with the ability to charge from either an alternator linked to a battery; or via solar power with the in built Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Solar Controller. With two inputs available, the main/house battery will be charged from either the engine while underway, or via the solar panels when stationary. The process to choose either engine or solar is fully automatic and both functions are controlled from within the unit itself without the need for external relays.

During normal operation the ePOWER DC2DC+ Battery Charger will do a full charge cycle to float stage on the house battery bank with ability to choose either GEL, AGM, Flooded, Custom Programmable or Lithium. Once float stage is reached the charger transitions to a power supply mode to support any on-board DC loads.

  • Two totally independent DC Inputs for both engine and solar regulation charging one house battery bank output
  • DC M6 screw terminals that will allow for large battery cable connection between all sources
  • A dedicated Maximum Power Point (MPPT) solar regulator
  • The same battery algorithms as included in our AC mains ePOWER battery charger. GEL, AGM, Flooded, Lithium and the ability to create  a full custom profile
  • Vehicle input allows for either 12 or 24v and a maximum solar input of 45V/800W
  • 40A+ output up to 40+°C with thermo controlled fan cooling
  • Fully programmable LCD display to show which source is charging the battery along with charger status, voltage and amperage
  • Temperature sensor included with charger for more accurate battery charging
  • EN3DC40+
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